Our School

Cloverly Elementary School is an outstanding school that is recognized as a California Distinguished School, awarded as a Title I Academic Achievement School, and identified as a STEM Honor Roll School for our outstanding student achievement in Mathematics and Science.

Cloverly Elementary School, the companion school to La Rosa Elementary School, serves students in grades 4-6. This unique combination allows staff to focus on the specific needs of upper-grade elementary students. Our successes are due in large part to the outstanding partnerships that exist among our community, parents and teachers. We are recognized as a California Distinguished School, a Title I Academic Achievement Award recipient, and identified as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Honor Roll school for our outstanding student achievement in mathematics and science.  Our focus of “Whole School for the Whole Student” integrates a rigorous academic program, computer science, character education, and fun activities for students and family that build a strong sense of camaraderie, personal worth, and pride in school.

  • We serve students in grades four through six.
  • We have a current enrollment of 455 students.

  • We are the companion school to La Rosa Elementary School

The Cloverly community commits ourselves to: 

  • the collaboration of students, staff, families and community;

  • the use of best teaching practices;

  • a responsiveness to diverse needs;

  • implementation of educational technologies;

  • the development of life-long learning skills.

Our Mission

Cloverly School, in partnership with families and the community, will maximize the potential of all students through collaborative, creative learning linked to authentic real-life applications.

Our Vision

The Cloverly School community has high expectations, and we have a commitment to action through:

We expect that the students of Cloverly School will become productive, respectful, responsible, accountable, compassionate citizens.

Cloverly is a school where parents, grandparents, and community members are provided numerous opportunities to be informed, involved, and empowered in the education process. The School Site Council consists of parents and staff who provide direction for the ongoing planning, implementation, and evaluation of the total school program. The Cloverly PTA provides invaluable volunteer and financial assistance for school programs and activities.  They organize a plethora of events for entire families to unite a become a more integral part of our school community